Maturity Signs and Harvesting of Grapes

Maturity Signs of Grapes:

1. A fruit mature in 120 to 135 days, after flowering. 
2. Depending upon the variety colour changes from green to yellow on golden yellow or black or pink. 
3. being non – climacteric fully ripe fruits are harvested. 
4. Easy separation of barriers indicates harvesting stage. 
5. Development of characteristics flavours and aroma. 
6. Anabe shahi: 15 to 16 % T.S.S. Thompson seedless 18 to 20 % T.S.S. Thompson seedless 18 to 20% T.S.S.

Harvesting of Grapes:

Grapes are harvested when they are fully riped. While harvesting the clusters should be removed from the vine by cutting with a sharp knife near its attachment to the cane. Handle the cluster by the stem.

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