Important problems during the growing of the Maize and How we tackle of these (Frequently Asked Questions)

growing maizeSelection of land & Seed bed preparation

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1Which soil is fit for the cultivation of maize as fodder?


Well fertile silty to silty loamy soil is good for fodder cultivation of maize.
2Can we grow the maize crop in Saline soil?No, we cannot sow maize crop on saline soil because it is sensitive to salinity.
3Can we grow the maize crop on water logged land?No, such soils are not suitable for maize cultivation.
4Why deep tillage is required for Maize   crop?Because the roots of Maize   crop move very deep up to 2 feet. For that reason to develop a good atmosphere for roots deep tillage is required.
5How we prepared the seedbed for the cultivation of maize as fodder?To get the maximum crop stand we required the 3-4 cultivations with one planker. Keep in mind the soil should be leveled and in proper moist condition.


Selection of Varieties and sowing time

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1What are the varieties of maize used as the fodder in different area?These varieties are used in different areas of Pakistan, Sahiwal 2002, FH810, MMRI Yellow, Ageti 2002 Pearl. In the KPK Sarhed Zard Azam, Pahari Jadal 2003 are used.
2What is the sowing time of maize?For spring maize the best time of sowing is February- March.

For the autumn maize the sowing time is June- August.

Seed Rate

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1How much seed is required for the fodder maize per acre?If we go to sow with drill we need 12-15 kg/acre, but for broadcasting need 18-20 kg/acre seed.


2What are the methods of sowing, of maize for the fodder?We use drill sowing, pora method of sowing and broadcasting method for sowing.




Thinning and irrigation

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1Is thinning required for the fodder maize?No, there is no need of thinning in the field of maize use as a fodder, but if the germination is too much then you can thinning practice up to certain limits.
2How much irrigation is required to the maize?For the fodder we need vegetative portion and vegetative growth for the purposes gave the 6-8 irrigations minimum after every week according to the climatic conditions.

Plant protection

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1How we can control the insect pest attack on the fodder maize?For the control of the insect pest add the granular poison for example Furadon, Cabofuran, Sun Furan or Regeant in the leaflets and gave the irrigation after this.
2There will be the other option for controlling the pest in the maize?In the Maize   you can control the pest by different ways through the mechanical method using a light lamp in the night, and through biological method using the tricogarma sheets.



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1When we use the maize as a fodder?After the pollination, before the Dough stage at the half milking stage is the best time to harvest the maize for the use as a fodder.
2If I want to get both grains and fodder from the maize, then how am I harvest the crop?When the upper grain layer is hard then you should go for harvesting and use the plants for the fodder purposes and cobs for the grain.

Authors: Imran Ramzan*, Arslan Shehroz1, Muhamamd Zunair Latif2,

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1&2 Co-author Department of Plant pathology, University of Agriculture Faisalabad

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  1. dear all what is the duration of the maize crop? before half milking stage? how many days? and after that both grain and fodder purposes? how many days? please explain no of days the crop? thanks

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