How to Incorporate Fruits into your Daily Diet

Every time a new week/month begins, we remind ourselves that we’ll incorporate more and more fruits in our everyday diet. But it only takes 3-4 servings for us to realise how disinterested we really are in them. Add to this, the delicious fruits are not the staple ones. Most fruits like grapefruits, lychees, dark grapes and strawberries aren’t as easy to get as the same-old, boring apple, oranges and bananas. So how does one get the recommended three to four daily servings of fruits in his daily diet? The trick lies in somehow tricking your taste buds (actually, your mind) into eating and enjoying more fruits every day. Here’s how you can do that: Insert Fruits in your Breakfast Add at least one whole fruit to your breakfast. If you take eggs and toast in breakfast, then add a fruit like papaya or banana to a smoothie, with some yogurt. If you eat cereal, then add a fruit like apple to the bowl. So irrespective of the type of breakfast you take, you must include fruits in it.

a quick fruit smoothie on the side, or a quick addition of fruit chunks, will go a long way in improving your daily diet and will help in curbing your mid-noon hunger pangs. Mid-noon Snack Bring a whole fruit or a bowl of chopped fruit to work with you. You can munch on it while working so that it doesn’t affect your work in the office. Now what if you don’t really like munching fruits? Just sprinkle some chaat masala or oregano with some chilli flakes and see how much you like them. Early Evening Snack It’s 4 in the afternoon and your body (it’s actually the mind most of the times) is craving for some sugar and carbs. Beat the post noon blues, by gorging on some delicious fruit snacks. Go for fruit salads topped with a hint of honey and nuts, or add a thin layer of healthy cheese or paneer to a fruit like muskmelon to make it interesting.

Oranges taste great with some chilli and salt ground with coriander and cumin. Adding condiments to fruits will up the taste and you won’t mind eating them. Way better than the calorie-rich burger in your office café. Late Evening Snack Once you get into them, you won’t mind a fourth helping of fruits in a day. In fact, you’ll love it.

Chances are that by now, you can be craving for some flavour-rich snack. Pause before you turn towards the same old samosas, pakoras or fries. Enjoy a citrus fruit like an orange or grapefruit. And wait, you can also add also add some chopped fruits to a bowl of chilled yogurt flavoured with your favourite spices.

Then there’s also the good ol’ fruit chaat. So these are some of the ways in which you can cajole yourself into consuming more fruits. And once you develop a thing for them, which we’re sure you will, you won’t like missing them even for a single day. This will do good to your health in two ways: it’ll rid you from the junk food you inevitably consume every time you feel hungry and second, fruits are anyway beneficial for your health. From your side also, explore different ways to make fruit intake interesting, and within just a week or two, you will notice weight and inch loss. ( Also read:

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