Controlled Atmospheric Storage

The controlled atmospheric storage in higher CO2 and lesser O2 are maintained is most significant contribution in storage technology. If storage done with refrigeration, it gives growth to respiratory activity and delay softening, yellowish, quality change, etc. The important factor of storage is tolerance susceptibility to injured vegetables increasing CO2 and decreasing O2.

The work on controlled atmosphere storage started in England in 1927 by kid and West. Modified atmosphere does not differ in principle from controlled atmosphere. In this the produce is held under the atmospheric condition by package, over wrap, boxiliner or Pallot cover. The two produce and the concentration of CO2 and O2 more benefit can be obtained by controlled atmosphere storage in apple. Among tropical fruits, the best storage of mangoes is 5% CO2 and 5% O2 at 13 0C.

Improved appearance can get by controlled atmosphere storage the O2 level was 2
%  and bellows this level it is harmful slight benefit with papaya were stored in 5% CO2 and 1% O2 for 2 days at 13% C. Ripening can be delayed for months by holding banana in 1-10 % O2 and 5-10 % CO2 commercial controlled atmosphere recommendation can not be given in case of citrus fruits.

Advantages of Controlled Atmosphere Storage:

i) Control all types of micro-organisms. 
ii) Chilling injury and other physiological disorders. 
iii) Black heart in potato
iv) Cost of equipment and operation
v) This is less popular in India.

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