cherry-morello_largeQuestion. I was a gardening enthusiast when young and remember making a promise to myself that, just once, I would gather my entire family — they are spread and away and some very far away — together under a cherry blossom tree: I guess the younger me had a thing about cherry blossom! Anyway, I live in Karachi where cherry trees are super rare but yes, I have seen some and they are absolutely magnificent when they bloom. Is it easy to grow them in Karachi and how many years until they blossom.

Answer. Keeping promises, even to oneself, is important and I am delighted to say that whilst not all that easy, you can grow such trees in Karachi unless you garden is exposed to a direct sea breeze. Selecting a dwarf, weeping, flowering cherry of Japanese rootstock is the best: These dwarf trees, planted out of direct wind, can blossom in their second year but take four to five years to put on a stunning show.



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