Preparation of Rabri


To prepare a heat concentrated, sweetened milk product on large scale for direct cosumption.
To assess quality approach.

Relevant information:

It is a conventional concentrated, sweetened milk product, which has got high appreciation in northern and eastern regions of India. The manufacture of this product is mostly on the cottage scale industry and the method of preparation is primitive and no care is taken as regards the hygienic quality of the product. It is largely prepared by Halawai. The specialty of the product is that it contains several layers of clotted cream.


One should be careful about the danger of open fire heating while concentrating the product.

Material required:

Buffalo / Cow whole milk.
Ground sugar


1. Large size evaporating pan (karahi).
2. Flat edged scrapper (khunti).
3. Bamboo / cane splinter.
4. Fire chulah.
5. Pan balance.
6. Plastic coated cups.
7. Hand fan.


1. Take 3-4 kg of milk in a karahi and heat it on open fire to 90-100 0 C and maintain it by controlling heating.
2. Do not stir, fan the milk gently by hand fan during heating to help the process of skin formation.
3. Break the skin continuously with the help of splinter and move it to the sides of karahi or collect in the separate pan/breaker.
4. Continue slow evaporation of milk till it reaches to about 1/5 the of its original volume.
5. Add good quality ground sugar 5-6 % by weight of the original milk and dissolve it.
6. Immerse the layers of skin collected on the sides of karahi. At this stage the product is non-homogenous, flakes floating in milk sugar syrup.
7. Heat the whole mass till you obtain homogenous honey comb, textured mass of finished product. Cool it.


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