How food affects your mood




                      How food affects your mood

We eat food to maintain our lives, but do we think ever that how food affects our mood?

Some people eat only to live but some live for only eating….

Question is what food should we eat that makes us happy? And what food feels us angry?

Wholesome and nutritious food makes us happy. Certain nutrients in food can positively affect the mood.  And some nutrients influence the function of neurotransmitters in brain.


  • ·        Eating chocolates and sweets make us happy because they increase the serotonin      level in brain and serotonin level control our mood and makes us feeling happy.
  • ·        Omega 3 fatty acids are higher in brain.  Eating food sources of omega 3 fatty            acids help to alleviate depression.
  • ·        Folic acid also regulates our mood. Deficiency of folic acid related to depression.      Food containing folic acid makes us relax.
  • ·        Vitamin D really brightens our look by increasing serotonin level.
  • ·        But we have to avoid refined carbohydrates because they sudden boost sugar            level and feel us dizzy.
  • ·        Similarly trans-fatty acids and unhealthy fats cause inflammatory diseases and also      interfere with mood boosting neurotransmitters.


So choose healthy and nutritious food that makes you happy and you would enjoy life happily. Because a happy man can makes happy family.










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