Factors affecting weed crop competition:


What is weed?

  • Weed is a plant which is grown out of its place.
  • The plant which is grown out of its normal place is considered as weed.
  • The plant which may have some beneficial effects but it is grown out of its actual place will considered as weed.

How it is dangerous to crop plant?

Weed plant, either it is beneficial for consumption, but if it is growing in a major crop field considered as the weed. And it is dangerous to plant health ad causes the reduction in yield about 45-50 % because weed plant competes with the crop plant for the sake of:

  • Water
  • Light
  • Nutrients
  • Fertilizers
  • Space

Basically, the direct competition of weed to crop plant is for the sake of water, nutrient and light etc.

weed competition

Factors affected weed crop competition:

There are several factors which affect the weed crop competition:

  • Time of weed emergence
  • Its growth habit
  • Growth rate
  • Population of weeds
  • Weed growth duration

Time of weed emergence:

The emergence of weed crop is major factor which affect the crop yield. If the crop plant emerge first, then it will enjoy the better resources available as light, space, nutrient, water etc. After it when weed plant will emerge, that will weak due to less source utilization power, at that time the crop plant will be more tolerant. The weed crop competition is mostly during the early stage.

Growth habit:

Growth habit include the root development, leaf area index, amount of branching

Growth rate:

If the crop plant grow first then it will dominate over the weed plant. The rapid growth of a crop plant helps to reduce the weeds emergence.

Weed population:

The extent amount of weed plants in a field causes the loss in yield. The amount of cop plant if higher than the weed plant will be less due to unavailability of space.

Weed growth duration:

Duration of crop plant is as important as other factors. If the weeds plants exits for a long period of time in a field then it ultimately reduces the crop yield. The weed control should do early after its emergence.

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Written by:  Khadija Tehseen Arshad

Department: Agronomy

University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.


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