Sale of slaughtering tools on the rise

Slaughtering accessories dealers are passing busiest time due to large number of orders of slaughtering instruments (knives and other items) as sales of the equipment heading to its peak before Eid-ul-Azha. On the other hand clothing vendors reported slow sales ahead of Eid-ul-Azha Sale of readymade garments on Eid-ul-Azha has declined as compared to last year. 

“The drop in the pre- Eid buying spree is certainly because of the impact of law and order, said a shoe shop owner waiting for customers in Samama Shopping center. “All businessmen were hit hard by prevailing law and order and hoping for some good business ahead of Eid We are yet to notice the usual shopping spree,” Mohammad Ahmed, a dealer in ready-made garments, said 

Keeping in view high prices of sacrificial animals, many people may decided to skip buying new garments in order to meet the expenses of sacrificial animals and other expenses of Eid another dealer of ready-made garments expressed dejection. Slaughtering accessories dealers said that prices of these equipments have registered increase owing to increase in prices of raw materials like iron, gas and power tariff. Price of a medium-sized knife weighing around 1.2 kg has been increased from Rs 400 to Rs 550. 

However some of the traders said that the sale of locally made slaughtering accessories reduced due to the freely availability of imported equipment in large quantity. However the prices of imported equipment have also registered increase due to rupee loosing value against dollar. Another dealer of slaughtering accessories said there is no alternative of locally made accessories as these are more hardy and sustainable than the imported ones. 

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