Rs 23,500 million allocated to irrigation sector

Punjab government has allocated 23500 millions rupees for the development of Irrigation sector, Rs 6390 millions for Transport sector, Rs 115 millions for the Labour and Human Resources Development for the fiscal year of 2013-14. 

Irrigation being one of the main stakes of economic growth in the Punjab province the allocated budget will be spent on rehabilitation, remodelling and modernisation of irrigation network including barrages, canals and secondary irrigation channels continues to be one of the imperatives of policy goals of ADP 2013-14. 

Irrigation sector accordingly ranks high among investment priorities of the provincial government not only to address issue of water scarcity but also to mitigate potential threat to structural stability and operational integrity of the century old water conveyance network. 

A total of 60 schemes, 47 on-going and 13 new schemes are included in the irrigation sector during 2012-13 covered wide ranging water resources development conservation, drainage and flood management intervention along with programs envisage rehabilitation in and modernisation of irrigation system as well as institutional reforms. 

According to budget document, Rs 12.7 billions would be spent on the rehabilitation and modernisation of Jinnah Barrage over River Indus, Rs 23.4 billions would be used for Khanki Barrage over River Chenab and Rs 2.4 billion would be earmarked for Balloki Headworks over River Ravi. 

With a view to encourage private investment in the Transport Sector of the province, Rs 500 millions are allocated for subsidy for induction of diesel/CNG buses in Urban Transport System. It may be mentioned here that this subsidy was Rs 100 million in the last fiscal year 2012-13. 

With a view to ensure capacity building of the officers of the various departments, Rs 115 millions are allocated for this purpose. This will be helpful for the department in preparing schemes for worker’s welfare in more professional manners. In addition to this the on going schemes for elimination of bonded labour and child labour will be implemented. Furthermore, the system of weights and measurement shall be strengthened through schemes. 

As per budget document Rs 33100 million are allocated for the Road sector, which is construction of the new roads, rehabilitation and pavement of roads. Budget document reveals, with cost of Rs 2623.762 million, Pindi Bhattian -Chiniot – Kamalpur Road will be constructed, while, P-2, Jang Shorkot-Kabirwal Mahni Sial Road will be completed with the cost of Rs 2396.282million. 

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