Prices of essential commodities shoot up by 50 to 70 percent

The prices of essential commodities of daily use have gone up noticeably compared to before the fasting month as registering an increase of 50 to 70 percent during last two weeks. As manifold increase was witnessed in staple food, such as fruits, cooking oil, flour, sugar as well for the other traditional Ramazan-meal time, like ingredients such as dates fruits, vegetable, meat, dairy products, have also risen since beginning of the holy month on July 11, last week. 

An increase in prices of essential commodities could pinch consumers in this festival season. However, traders and retailers feel the current prices are deterring consumers from making big purchases. The spiralling prices of essential commodities of daily use have dampened Ramazan festivities, forcing the households to shrink Iftar meal. 

According to survey conducted by Business Recorder here on Sunday, it was noticed that the prices of all kind of essential commodities, particular fruits, and other Ramazan traditional food items were registered an increase 50 to 70 percent during last two weeks. 

Prices of tomato have increased manifold increase in the holy month as available at Rs100 per kg, which were selling at Rs40-50 per kg in few days back. Onion is available at Rs 50 per kg against the Rs 30 per kg. Similarly, price of garlic and Ginger also registered a steep rise, as available at Rs 120 and Rs 160 per kg respectively. 

Shimla Mirch is being sold at Rs 120 per kg, cabbage Rs100-120 per kg, peas at Rs 120 per kg, Arvi at Rs50 per kg, tinda at Rs 40 per kg, lady finger at Rs50 per kg, cauliflower at Rs50 per kg, Kado at Rs 40 per kg, brinjal at Rs 30 per kg, Karela at Rs 30 per kg, and Turnip at Rs 40 per kg. Cucumber is available at Rs 30 per kg, and lemon was sold at Rs 120 per kg, while green chili available at Rs80-100 per kg. 

The high trend was also witnessed in pulses side, as prices were registered 20 to 30 per increase in these commodities, while retailers and vendors are not selling pulses/grains as per official prices in open market. The daal maach is available at Rs120 per kg, Daal masoor at Rs110 per kg, Daal channa at Rs70 per kg. Rice high quality is being sold at Rs 130 and low quality at Rs90 per kg, while tota rice is available at Rs 70 per kg. Moonge is being available at Rs 120 per kg, Malaka masoor at Rs 130 per kg, moonge tota at Rs120 per kg. Sugar is being sold at Rs55 per kg, Baisen at Rs 90 per/kg against the official price of Rs70 per kg. 

The chicken meat is being sold at Rs 160 per kg against the official price of Rs 141, while live chicken with good weight available at Rs 320 and low weight at Rs 270-260 in the open market, and egg is available at Rs 70 per dozen. 

Similarly, the cow beef is being sold at Rs 270 per kg, against the official fixed price of Rs 220 per kg, while mutton is available at Rs 500-600 per kg. Milk is being sold at Rs 55-60 and Rs 70 per kg, while yogurt available at Rs70 per kg. Dates of all ranges available from Rs 200-400 per/kg, while prices of all kind of confectioners and traditional Ramazan and sweet items also shot up in the open market as well. 

Similarly, the fruit is staple food in the holy month of Ramazan, but the commodities prices were beyond the purchasing power of the common man as sharp increase was witnessed in all fruits items in the wholesale and retail markets. Mangoes is available at Rs 100-70 per kg, banana at Rs 70 per kg, Apple at Rs 3 00-240 and Rs 150 per/kg respectively. Grapes are available at Rs 200 per kg, melon at Rs 30 per kg, and apricot at Rs 240-200 per kg. 

The retailers and traders attributed that the prices of the essential commodities have increased due to surging prices of petroleum products, and smuggling of food items to neighbouring Afghanistan. 

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