KFHA extends boat registration period till February 28

Karachi Fish Harbour Authority (KFHA) has extended deadline for re-validation of fishing boats documents till February 28, 2013, asking the owners, whose vessels ply through the fish harbour channel, to renew their registration during the grace period of two months. 

The authority extended the boats documentation re-validation period, which expired on December 31, 2013 to provide a grace period to the vessel owners to complete the registration process, officials of KFHA said on Saturday. The KFHA has also dispatched letters to all fisheries stakeholders, informing them about the date extension, they said, adding that “the date was extended on the request of Sindh Trawlers Owners and Fishermen Association, Native Islander Fishermen Association, and other fishermen associations.” 

Earlier, the authority had twice extended the boat registration period but the owners did not turn out keenly to fulfil their obligations, officials said, adding that the registration of boats is being done in line with the Supreme Court’s verdict on Karachi unrest suo motu case. The authority advised the boat owners to get their vessels documents re-validated or renewed in a grace period of two months positively, the letter of KFHA says. 

The boat registration is aimed at boosting security at the country’s seas, the official said, adding that a large number of small boats voyaging through seas from fish harbour are still unregistered. “It is primarily for brining the small boats into registration and documentation net of the authority which are largely moving on seas unchecked,” they said, adding that the move will help the authority locate the troubled boats on seas, as well. They said the registration will also help reduce illegal activities on the seas, they added. 

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