KBP rejects claim of Punjab cane commissioner

Kisan Board Pakistan (KBP) Central President Sardar Zafar Hussein rejecting the claim of the Punjab Cane Commissioner of payment made by the sugar millers to the growers till January 15, 2013 has demanded constitution of an impartial committee by the Chief Minister to ascertain the payments made in real and worth of Cane Procurement Receipts (CPRs) issued by the millers to the growers till date. 

While talking to newsmen here on Monday he rejected the claim that the millers had paid Rs 36 billion to the growers till January 15, 2013. He said that it was very easy to issue a news statement on official figures while sitting in the office. He claimed in actual growers were forced to sell their CPR on 15 to 20 percent less amount to pay back the loans they had taken for application of fertilizers or pesticides on their crop. 

He alleged that even small sugarcane growers were forced to visit the mills time and again for the payment but nobody paying any heed to their plight. He further alleged that agents of the mill owners or middle men were looting these poor growers by buying their CPRs on lower rates. KBP Chief rejected the claim of the Punjab Cane Commissioner that sugar millers had made 76 percent of the payment due against them of the cane growers. 

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Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
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