‘Infected animals from Australia’: Sindh government advised to slap ban on sale of sheep

Sindh government has been advised to impose ban on the sale of sheep throughout the province until the investigation into the arrival of ‘22,000 Australian infected sheep’ is over, Business Recorderlearnt here on Saturday. The advice has been issued by the Relief Department to the authorities through a letter No-PS/ADV/Relief/418-2012. 

A copy of the advice note obtained by Business Recorder stated: “I would like to invite your kind attention towards reports in the electronic and print media about the arrival of 22,000 Australian allegedly infected sheep at Karachi Port. Reportedly, ship which carried the sheep had destination of countries in the Middle East. But, their authorities did not allow these sheep to be unloaded in their country. Reportedly, Bahrain had shown concern about the discovery of infection of scabby mouth disease in the sheep. However, these allegedly infected sheep have been unloaded in Port Qasim, Karachi and handed over to an unknown buyer. 

“As these sheep are allegedly infected by scabby mouth disease and it can spread epidemic in human as well as in the livestock, hence, their sale in the market and subsequently their slaughter would result in the outbreak of epidemic diseases. 

Under section-4 (1) of Sindh National Calamities (prevention & relief) Act-1958, it is the responsibility of the Relief Department to take-all such measures for prevention, checking or control the calamity likewise, spread/outbreak of epidemic/diseases in the province to save the people and livestock from diseases/epidemic.” 

“We therefore have to take such immediate steps to ensure that these sheep are not slaughtered and their meat would not be allowed to be sold in the market until proper, complete investigation in connection with their health condition is made by the livestock department and concerned authorities. 

It’ would therefore be appreciated if you kindly ban the sale of allegedly diseased sheep before proper investigation, with further steps to keep the cattle farm of these sheep sealed till the health condition of sheep is confirmed by the experts team of animal husbandry and other professionals. Before proper investigation, their sale in the market would be dangerous for our people and livestock and their export on the other hand will denounce Pakistan in the eyes of outside world. It is also required to find out the unknown buyer of the sheep so that legal action may be taken, if said disease is found in the sheep and as it is matter of lives, immediate action is required,” the letter concluded. When contacted, Haleem Adil Shaikh Advisor to Chief Minister for Relief expressed the hope that a ban would be imposed on the sale of sheep in Sindh and people and livestock would be saved from the killer disease. 

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Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
Muhammad Ramzan Rafique

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