Global water conference in Karachi from November 17

In order to identify avenues of integration, innovation and inclusion to ensure water security and sustainable water for all in Pakistan, Hisaar Foundation is organising global water conference titled “Securing Sustainable Water for All: Inclusion, Integration and Innovation” to be held on November 17 and 18, 2015 in Karachi. The main purpose of this conference is to reach out to all the stakeholders to develop investment in innovation, encourage integration and promote inclusion of all stakeholders.

Recognising the urgent need of finding solutions for water problems in Pakistan and also keeping in view the UN dedicated goal for water for the year 2015, this international water conference is a follow-up to the previous water conference held in December 2013 entitled “Water Co-operation in Action – From the Global to the Grassroots”.

Notable international and national experts and speakers are participating in this conference. David Grey, Visiting Professor of Water Policy at University of Oxford, Dr Ishrat Hussain, Dean Institute of Business Administration, Marc Andre-Franche, Country Head of UNDP Pakistan, Khalid Mohtadullah, Senior Advisor to Global Water Partnership, Dr Salman Shah, former Finance Minister, Zafar Mahmood, Chairman Wapda, Shoaib Sultan Khan, Pioneer of Rural Development, Simi Kamal, Water and Gender Specialist, Dr Daanish Mustafa, Reader of Geography, King’s College, London and many other prominent figures from the business world and civil society will present their views. Several hundred delegates are expected to participate in the conference, from Pakistan, South Asia and across the world. A diverse and rich variety of participants and organisers will bring a wide selection of water experts and professionals and also prominent members from other stakeholder sectors.

The conference would help identifying strategies for promoting and implementing an inclusive sustainable water policy, reach out to all critical stakeholders including government, academia, civil society, media, business and corporate sector, urban and rural communities, and experts on water to develop integration and showcase models and experiences from across the world that display innovation and integration in an effort to promote sustainable water practices across Pakistan.-PR

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