Cattle market generates Rs 1.8 billion business

The annual cattle market generated some Rs 18 billion business activities this year with around 190, 000 sacrificial animals for sales, it is learnt. Customers, however, complain that this year too the prices of animals are on higher side “every year the rates of animals go up unchecked making it difficult for them to perform annual religious duty”. 

Although the famous Sahiwal Bull has a price tag ranging from Rs 300, 000 to Rs 1.5m it is the centre of attraction for the visitors’ for its size and beauty. The annual market is spread over 700 acres of plot off Sohrab Goth with 22 blocks of which three have been designated as “VIP blocks”. Three different banks have also set up makeshift branches which operate round the clock with ATM facility. 

Hundreds of CCTV cameras have also been installed at the market to maintain security and provide a safe business environment to buyers and sellers. Fire fighting vehicles and ambulances are also parked to meet fire and other untoward incidents. A state of the art media centre has been set up to facilitate newsmen covering the market activities. The CPLC has also established its office to control crimes and theft, snatching and other crimes. Five ramps have been installed at the market to load and unload animals. Street lights, and ladies and gents toilet facilities have been provided for the visitors and Veterinary doctors and a medical service unit has also been established besides high powered generators producing electricity for 24 hours. 

“Belgian, Australian, US golden breed animals have also been brought to the market”, Jameel Sindh Dairy Farmer said. Jameel has exhibited more than 100 animals in its tent. “I have sold 180 animals, out of 280, price ranging between Rs 0.9 million to Rs 1.” he said. “Queen of Rahimyar Khan”- a cow from there weighs 32 mounds- and farmer is demanding RS 2.5 million. The cow is a beauty, tall and charming with soft white and black spotted skin of Sahiwal breed “Queen of Rahimyar Khan” is being displayed at the tent of Crescent Cattle Farm. 

Three-year-old Queen of Rahim Yar Khan, 1200 kilograms weight, attracted a buyer who offered Rs 1.7 million but owner, Farooq, turned it down. Crescent Cattle Farm House has also brought a cow- Cholistan Ki Shahzadi (Queen of Cholistan) for sale. Farooq demands Rs 1.5 million for Cholistan Ki Shahzadi. He hopes all his animals would be sold out in next couple of days. During the visit to the market, this correspondent witnessed, people thronging the cattle market, a big number is interested in watching beautiful animals here. 

“Citizens are also seen taking photographs with these animals to make their visit memorable,” Dealers said that they felt happy when people visit their tents and get photographs with these animals. In Mundi different farmers have brought too expensive and beautiful animals. VVIPs camps for such pretty sacrificial animals have also been set up. The farmers have given names to these animals such as Badshah, Tufan, Bodyguard and King of Asia according to their shape, size and weight. 

Higher price of sacrificial animals, this year, however, daunts the majority of buyers to perform their religious duty “majority of the people would not be able to perform the sacrificial ritual due to highly inflated rates Either I have to opt for sharing or skip ‘Qurbani’ this year because rates are 100 percent higher than the last year” said Shabir. 

Organiser said the entire market was running on self-generated electricity and 70 generators were working to illuminate the area. He said special lighting arrangements had been made at the market. He said that on one side of the Super Highway, a goat section had been established and just opposite of it was the cow section. Organisers said that car parking facilities for up to 20,000 vehicles had been arranged at both sections of the market Traders are charged Rs 1000 and Rs 600 for a big and small animal, respectively The traders have to pay only once against which they get free space, water, electricity and security The rate for spaces in the VIP blocks range between Rs 100, 000 and RS120,000. 

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