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Recent Researches

Genetic Information Migrates from Plant to Plant

To generate phylogenetic trees and investigate relationships between organisms, scientists usually look for similarities and differences in the DNA. Plant scientists were confounded by the fact that the DNA extracted from the plants’ green chloroplasts sometimes showed the greatest similarities when related species grew in the same area. They tried …

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Gwadar people’s grievances

Dispelling fears expressed by a section of Gwadar residents, the Balochistan governor and chief minister have done well to reassure the local people that the building of a new port in Gwadar will create better job opportunities and other means of income for them. The rush of investors eager to …

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Climate change boom or bust for biodiversity?

Will climate change trigger mass extinctions or will new life bloom in its wake?Some of the scientific scenarios are apocalyptic and see a warmer world leading to the most profound changes since the demise of the dinosaurs. “The biodiversity and nature impacts (of global warming) are well-documented…all the signals are …

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Managing soil resources for food security

With world population at around 6 billion, another three billion will be added over next 50 years. This increase will occur in developing countries. Pakistan’s population is about 150 million which will double in the next 30-40 years, meaning Pakistan will have to double its cereal production, particularly of wheat, …

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