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Pesticide Industry

Hazards of Chemical Herbicides

Chemical herbicides are used as the pioneer approach to control weeds. Herbicides can eliminate the most of the population weeds. This approach of handling the weeds are inexpensive also the results are immediate and invigorating. Everything has two aspects of its approach that if it has the advantages it alsohas …

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Biopesticide for Sustainable Agriculture

Biopesticide for Sustainable Agriculture Imran Khan, Muhammad Umer, M. Umair Hassan and M. Mehran Aslam Agriculture is facing the threat of insect and disease since from the beginning of agriculture history. In the beginning man lives in cave and use wild plants for food and leaves for clothes. Human start …

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ENTOMOPATHOGENIC FUNGI, AN ECOFRIENDLY APPROACH TO COPE INSECT PEST.  Novel tactics in field of applied Entomology have reformed the ways for the management of notorious insect pests. Agriculture, being a mainstay of economy, contributes 23% in Gross Domestic product (GDP) and engaging approximately 45% of employed labor force. Instead of its undeniable …

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Role of Forests in Carbon Sequestration

                                 First of all we should know about the carbon sequestration that is commonly called carbon capture. Carbon sequestration is the climate engineering technique for the long term store or storage of carbon, atmospheric carbon dioxide …

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