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Livestock Industry

Meat sector poised to grow

The meat processing sector, which has been doing reasonably well for some years, is set to grow faster after the four-year tax holiday granted for new entrants. The meat processing facilities, which come up by December this year, and obtain ‘Halal certificates’, will be eligible for tax holiday. Besides the …

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Online sales of sacrificial animals

MONEY is flowing fast into the sacrificial animals business, while the growing use of online marketing continues to reshape the market dynamics. But investors who had spent billions of rupees in advanced booking of animals are not sure if their net return would rise as dramatically as it did in …

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Care of Pregnant Animals

The early singe or latter 1/3 period of the gestation   period   is important period in view of care and management. Feeding: It is necessary to provide adequate feeding to meet nutritional requirements of both mother and foetus. The challenge feeding (extra feeding) should be given from 5th month of pregnancy @ …

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Care of Heifer

Heifers-can be reared by two methods: i) Outdoor system/grazing method.ii} Indoor system.i) Outdoor system: The heifers are reared mainly on grazing. The following are management points in this system: They should be shifted daily from one grazing land to another. Pasture plots be grazed rotationally containing legume grass. Grazing land …

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Care of Milking Animals

The routine of management practices like feeding and milking and caring should be followed some time each day, being animals are more sensitive habitual for timing. Feeding & watering: The adequate clean & fresh water should be provided. An adult dry cow drinks 30-32 liters of water per day besides it …

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Hemorrhagic Septicaemia – Animal Disease

Synonyms: Pasturellosis, shipping fever, ghatsurp It is an actual infectious disease of cattle, buffalo, sheep and goat. It distances transportation. In India, the disease is enzootic in nature. Etiology environmental conditions, malnutrition and long distance transportation. In India, the disease is enzootic in nature. Etiology: It is caused by Pasteurella multocida Transmission: Ingestion …

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