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Livestock Industry

Controlling Worms to Improve Milk Yield

The stomach worm (Ostertagia ostertagi) is the most commonly identified worm in dairy cows. However, although over 90 per cent of animals can be infected, they rarely show overt clinical signs. This means that despite the reduction in appetite, fertility and herd productivity associated with these worms, they are often …

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From Concept to Reality

It was a few years ago when the egg sector heard first about the mission of ISA, The layer Business Unit of Hendrix Genetics. “Breeding layers capable of producing 500 first quality eggs by 2020”. Today, only five years away of the announced date, field results from commercial layer farms …

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Animal Antimicrobial Use Decreases in Denmark

DENMARK – Antimicrobial use in Danish animals decreased in 2014, due mainly to decreased consumption in the pig production. These are some of the findings in the annual DANMAP report from Statens Serum Institut and the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark. DANMAP is the Danish integrated antimicrobial resistance monitoring …

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AGRICULTURE SECTOR continues to play a central role in Pakistan’s economy accounting for over 21% of GDP and remains by far the largest employer, absorbing 45% of the country’s total labor force. In agriculture, livestock sector contributes approximately 53.2% of the agriculture value added and 11.4% to national GDP. Gross …

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Onion: dynamics of price volatility

ONION prices have skyrocketed before Eid-ul-Azha in anticipation of high demand and also owing to export orders from India. And this has happened at a time when local production is not as robust as it was in May-June. Till September 15, the price of onion ranged between Rs50-60 per kg …

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