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Livestock Industry

Crossbreeding Local Sheep with Rambouillet

Sheep are kept primarily for mutton production in the country but wool is an important secondary product. Wool produced in the country is of coarse type and is used for carpet manufacturing. Khutta breed of sheep is indigenous in Swat. It is small sized breed (average adult weight: 26.5 kg) …

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Embryo Transfer in Indigenous Livestock

Multiple ovulation and embryo transfer (MOET) is a technique that can increase the reproduction rate of cows many fold. Normally, a cow can give birth to only one calf in one year. In MOET, the ovaries of a cow (called embryo donor cow that is usually a high-milk-producing one) are …

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Improved Buffalo Semen Freezing

Artificial insemination (AI) is an important tool for genetic up-gradation of cows and buffaloes. Usual method for long term storage of bull semen is to add extenders/preservatives in freshly collected semen and store it in Liquid Nitrogen (at –196°C). This semen can then be stored for indefinite period.

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Raw Milk Preservation

Pakistan is the 5th largest producer of milk in the world. Milk is predominantly produced in small units largely in the far flung rural areas. Because of its perishable nature and traditional unhygienic handling practices, many a times it gets spoiled, particularly in the summer season. To avoid spoilage milk, …

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Livestock lost in floods to be compensated next month

  The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government will start compensating the flood-hit livestock owners of the province from next month to help them stand on their feet, says Provincial Minister for Livestock and Dairy Development, Hidayatullah Khan. “The verification record of losses and damages incurred to livestock sector due to devastating floods …

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